Always Sometimes Monsters Customer Reviews:



This is honestly one of the best mobile games I've played in a while! It kept my heart racing when faced with every decision. If I could give it more than 5 stars I certainly would! I can't wait for your next title!

Update has fixed the problem

Thanks devs, can get back to my asm fix now that the issue has been fixed. It's nice to see that games don't have to rely on action and can have a great interactive storyline, which I choose most of my games for. And here's 5 stars for your trouble. Edit: has fixed the download problem. Thanks devs.

Revised review

Game works now, it's awesome! The only thing keeping me from rating it 5 stars is the virtual d-pad and buttons, I'd like to be able to place them in the unused "margin area" of the screen, my thumbs get in the way of the content. Also, it'd be nice to have the custom location of the controls saved. Also, why does this application require access to my media?

Thank you!!!

It is completely fixed and now I can play, and even though I uninstalled it and installed it when it wasn't working it still saved my progress in the game. The only thing I would recommend is for you to add Google account sign in, just in case if something happens to a person's phone like if they reset their phone on accident that way people won't have to start ALL over. Anyways thank you very much for answering to my problem and updating it so quickly. 😃

Not rating

When I saw the review saying it would not work on nvidia tablets I decided to not install but until I hear that it is fixed I will not install it on my tablet

Game ending bug :(

Go to speak to the PR guy in the theatre, get the gift bag, go to leave but gives me a message saying I should speak to the guy first. Shame, I was really enjoying the game. :(

Amazing game, haven't been able to put it down. Definitely one of the best I've played on mobile.


Loved it. Just don't get the ending with the server room and dogstown.


I just wanted to let you guys know that the 2nd part of the city hall vents are missing textures because everything is a glowing exclamation point.

Great game

Very good story and gameplay. I love how your choices affect other characters and your oucome. The choices are difficult at times to take, just like life choices. Highly enjoyable.

Game shuts down

When my phone goes to sleep the game force closes.

This game is awesome!

Thank you for the update

Great game so far.

Fixed. Quick response from developers

Quick response to my problem from developers, you don't see that often. Will happily recommended to anyone who is looking for a good game or good company. They fixes my crash problem and offered a sincere apology.

Love it!

Absolutely amazing game. Definitely worth the price! I absolutely love the story line, and it is so relatable.

Game still does not work properly

Paid for game, installed it and not it will not work. Constantly gives error message saying the application has unexpectedly stopped. I reported it but very frustrating waste of money. Going try get refund. 6/19/2015 - I applied their patch and was able to play the introduction and the first scene before it broke again. At this rate I'll spend more time patching than playing. Still not worth money.

A good little game, unique,

Unfortunately let down by PLOT HOLES THE SIZE OF THE TITANIC, otherwise definitely worth a playthrough. A few more playthroughs and you will see the many faults, due to the devs not EDITING THEIR PRODUCT PROPERLY hence the lower score.17-6-15 New reveiw, dropped the score from 3- 1 due to the last update yesterday , giving the Always sometimes Monsters stopped working message and that is on Asus tabs Samsung high end tabs and every tablet brand we own, well done devs. 19-6-15- Well two days later and they fixed the game,So NOW I CAN PLAY WHAT I PAID FOR.

Still crashes

I'm on the nvidia shield portable. It crashes when I try to work at the labor agency in beaton. All these bugs are making me regret my purchase.

Awesome game

Now that it is fixed I can write a great review. I really enjoyed playing this game. Thought it was a lot of fun but also has a purpose. Really makes u stop and think.

The latest update fixed the crash issue. Thank you, Devs :) This is a very unique, interactive story. Definitely worth the price.

Works perfectly

Issue has been fixed so a well deserved five stars for a great game.

Best game

Nice update. Just in time. Five stars now yall

Problem fixed!

The problem with crashing at launch has been fixed. Devs were on top of it with a speedy update. A unique game definitely worth checking out.

Great job guys

Same with many others, I bought the game while it wasnt working but I have no regrets it was worth it. Excellent game.

Latest update solved issue of non-open

Great game. Intense and well-written storyline. Great value in such a compact mobile app. Many twists and unexpected but not unwelcome choices and scenarios presented, keeps the game fresh even after a few playthroughs. Developers quick to respond to feedback too.

New Update Fix Crashed at Startup Bug

C'mon Guys, the developer already fix the bug.. give some respect to developer by not giving them low rate... thanks for update!

Amazing game

I bought the game when it wasnt working on samsungs due to a previous patch. However i got a refund. Today i find it has been fixed and bought it again. Lets just say this game is amazing


Doesn't open

Great game

Was crashing but the devs fixed it almost immediately! Very well thought out and I'm glad I bought this game. Thanks devs

A nice real life in a box story and unique experience.

Amazing Well Designed Game

This game is beautiful. The choices, the realistic scenarios as well as the unique scenarios. I was entertained most of the time, if not all the time, and I really never wanted to stop playing. I kinda wished it could have kept going, but every game needs an ending. Good job guys! Also lastly, I'm sure you have more games to work on, but more updates, side quests or even a dlc continuation would be awesome! But if none of that can happen, I still love the game and plan on replaying a few more times!

New update probs

After I updated my game, it wont open anymore. Before it it ran smooth on my lollipop samsung note 3

Great game but as others have stated new update causes error on startup.

Won't start seems like others are having trouble to please fix.

Game crashes before launch.

Worked perfectly until it randomly just stopped. Now it won't even load up to the stsrt screen.


Absolute class. Easily one of the best examples of mobile gaming. A big thank you to the development team. Excellent work. 5 stars all day long.

playing on Galaxy S 5, worked on first 3 boot ups but now fails to open every time. Can't get a refund now


Bought this a few days ago. Absolutely love it. I've spent a few hours and days into the storyline. My character is developing, and I've created engrossing situations based on my personality. I was prompted to update the game, so I did. BIG MISTAKE. It wont let me play anymore, and my file is deleted;therefore wasting my time.

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Does not work and developers not honoring refund. Do not download.

Won't work

Paid five bucks looking forward to playing and won't even open have downloaded, deleted and reinstalled five times and can't even get a refund for game from Google